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  • Micro
  • Standard

The Exotic Bully is a newer designer dog breed that began to distance itself from the American Bully as early as 2008. It has established itself as separate from it’s cousin the American Bully and is still a controversial topic with much needed breed standards.

One of the few descriptions or characteristics of the Exotic Bully that everyone involved with the breed seemed to agree upon was “exaggerated style of features on a smaller, more compact dog,” described as carrying more “bulldog features.”

GENERAL IMPRESSION: The Exotic Bully is a compact, medium sized dog with a smooth, short coat. Its tight skin is stretched over a substantially dense muscular body on a heavy boned frame. Distinguishing features are its wide chest, clearly defined, muscular shoulders and rear, blocky head, pronounced cheeks and deep intentions under eyes. It's intense expression and bulky, muscular build give the Exotic Bully a very powerful and strong appearance. This breed is docile in temperament, gentle with children, other dogs and small animals. It bonds strongly with its leader, making the Exotic Bully an excellent family companion. Aggression, viciousness or shyness is highly undesirable and very uncharacteristic for this breed.

Size: (categorized at 9 months old above)
  • Nano
  • Below 10" at the withers (Male and Female)

  • Micro
  • 10" to 13" and at the withers (Male and Female)

  • Standard
  • 13" Above at the withers (Male and Female)

Body: Bulky and muscular, wide chest that is let down to at least the elbow. The topline is level or sloping slightly downward from withers to rump. The ideal Exotic Bully should appear short and square but when measured back will be slightly longer than measurement from withers to ground.

Head: Top skulls are prominent with stop being nearly a 90-degree angle to muzzle which is short with a large broad head, squarely formed, well defined and pronounced cheeks.

  • Elbows
  • Straight with a strong pastern with a slight elbows out, an identification that separates from the American bully breed.

  • Hind Legs
  • Rear is balanced with shoulders in width and well-muscled with a strong angulation.

  • Forequarters
  • Muscular and defined with visibly defined muscle group in shoulders. Pasterns are upright with feet pointing directly forward. Feet should be tight, knuckled up and pointing forward and in proportion to body.

Muzzle: Short and blocky upper side or squared to fall abruptly below the eyes and measuring roughly 1 to 2 inches away from the head stop is mostly desireable.

Neck: Heavy, muscular, bull neck, short and slightly arched neck.

- Almond shaped set low down in skull and far apart. Round eyes are undesirable. Any color with the exception of pink or red eyes or any form of albinism.
- Blue eyes are acceptable but undesirable. Eyes that budged, crossed-eyed or protrude from the skull or eyes of differing color are a fault.

TAIL: Low set tail free of kinks, knots or curves, extending to the hock and tapering to a fine point.

Ears: Natural drop, rose ear or cropped.

COAT: Short, tight and glossy. All hair less than 1/2" in length.

- Minor: Lack of pigment around eyes, lips or nose. Pendulant flees. Excessive wrinkle. Screwed, short, or docked tail. Wry Jaw
- Major: Excessive amount of haw showing. Long or snipey muzzle. Weak underjaw. Long neck. Severely turned out front feet. Severely bowed out front legs. Down pasterns. Splayed feet. Severe cow hocks. Straight stifles. Sway back. Excessively high rear. Eyes not of same color.

Disqualifications: Albino dogs. Curly, fuzzy, long or wavy hair, Cryptorchidism (one testicle).